Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Christmas at our house is always a little strange. We never host the actual day of, but my parents come down a week or two later. This year, we're not doing Christmas with them until the 7th, so our decorations are still up. We didn't put up as many decorations this year as we couldn't quite get into the spirit of things. I think that me hurting my hand had a lot to do with our humbugian attitudes.

Either way, here's what we did:

The inflatable Mickey that my father sent us

Michael's outside lights spectacular

My dad has had these since I was little. I have no idea where they came from, but he passed them on to us this year.

These were a Christmas swap gift from Michael's uncle's girlfriend. She painted them herself, not knowing that my Christmas theme is blue, silver, and white!

Here we are in front of the tree. It took us 10 shots to get one that I was ok with, but I still don't really like it. Next year I'll feel better about our Christmas picture as I'll have lost more weight.

Christmas isn't complete without a curious kitten!

With the living room light off

Christmas card display, just ribbon and clothespins that I painted white with a glitter overlay.

Living room light on. We had to store all of the gift bags separately due to the above curious kitten.

We buy a Disney ornament every year. This one is from 2011. It is designed to plug into one of the lights on your Christmas tree. We had to hang it here instead as the lights on our pre-lit tree were the wrong size.

I'm still working on finalizing my Christmas style, like that's ever going to happen. There was more decor through the house, but I didn't want to overload this post with pictures.

Anyone have shots from this Christmas that they'd like to share?

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